Why online trading continues to grow in popularity?

If you have the impression that everyone around you has taken up online trading, that’s completely normal. Indeed, the phenomenon has been generalized for some time, more particularly during the last year. Here is an explanation of the new trend in online trading, looking at the recent past, followed by a forecast of its future.

A year of changes

2020 will have been the year of all changes. Few individuals have not revised their life goals as the pandemic raged around the world. It is true that being isolated, at home, for long periods, has forced us to rediscover life and redefine our priorities. But beyond future choices and psychological questioning, a very real question arose: what to do with our time? To this question, many people have made the same choice, that is to say, to take advantage of this unexpected free time, inside the home, to invest their money, by becoming an online trader.

This is how a large number of Internet users in France have started looking for the best broker in France, in order to learn and invest in a secure way, on an efficient platform. The result of this global growth of investors in the financial markets will certainly have been favorable to the stock market, Forex and others, as the markets stabilized, shortly after an initial drop, during the start of the confinements, to start again at subsequently rising. Thus, a large number of new traders will have taken advantage of these moments of great difficulty to increase their capital.

Gamblers who become investors

For a long time, at the start of the pandemic, professional sport was brought to a complete halt. You should know that the sports betting market is very important in France, but also in many other countries, internationally. It is therefore a large sum of money that was suddenly available to be used for other purposes.
This has mainly split in two, between online casinos and online trading. Although it may seem more obvious to some to transfer money wagered on matches through gambling games such as roulette, blackjack and poker, it should be noted that many people treat sports betting like the stock market. , and not as a source of entertainment. This is what explains the movement of money from the latter to the financial markets.

Good results from friends and family

Perhaps the biggest effect on the increase in the number of online traders is the fact that friends and family members are now included, and they talk openly about their success. Thus, it encourages those who have not yet opened accounts with an online broker, to go ahead. This virtuous circle continues to make new followers of such a form of investment, to such an extent that we can consider this growth as a cultural phenomenon, which will be sustainable, according to professionals in the field.

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