where to open a stock exchange account?

What is a Stock Broker?

The role of a stockbroker, or broker, is to act as a financial intermediary between his clients and the stock exchanges. Its role is therefore to buy, sell and store financial products (shares, ETFs, bonds, SIICs, etc.) on behalf of its clients.

This is why, when one chooses to embark on the stock market, the choice of the broker with whom to open our portfolio is of paramount importance. It is him who determines the number of stock exchanges to which one has accessthe price of orders, but above all, the platform features. What are we looking for? Being able to buy shares in an easy and optimized way!

Classic broker or trading platform?

There are two types of brokers:

  • Classic brokers which offer a large number of shares, ETFs, UCITS (investment funds), real estate products (SCPI etc.). They usually also offer a PEA, which allows you to benefit from a tax reduction after five years (instead of 30%, the tax increases to 17.2%), some also have a PEA-PME or more rarely a PEA Jeune, for 18-25 year olds.
  • Online trading platforms, which focus on CFDs (derivatives). These are not available via a PEA, so only the securities account is offered, but the advantage is that there is no limit: the number of products is higher (shares and ETFs, but also sometimes currencies, cryptocurrencies, precious metals and other listed assets), a large number of stock exchanges are accessible, CFDs with high leverage effects allow you to bet more than you own or to open sell positions, derivative products are also sometimes offered such as futures, warrants, puts, etc.

Which broker to choose to start?

If you are about to go public, you must surely be lost in front of all these brokers. For choose between classic broker or online trading platform (the subject of our article), you should consider the following points:

  • The envelopes offered: the ordinary securities account is the envelope allowing you to trade freely and invest in CFDs, but if you prefer a PEA, which allows you to benefit from a tax reduction after five years (instead of 30%, the tax increases to 17.2%) in return for an investment and product limit, prefer a classic broker
  • Your investment vision : if you do not intend to consult your stocks regularly or “trade” every day, if you prefer to position yourself on funds over the medium or long term rather than doing stock picking and swing trading (which is recommended in our articles for people who are not stock market professionals), then a classic broker will be ideal

We explain here in our article on ETFs that it is the best technique to invest in the stock market for people who don’t have time to learn on the stock market and have a long term vision. If this is your case, you may be interested in our comparison of the best classic brokers, although the brokers we present here are generally free for the purchase of stocks and ETFs.

Now that that’s clear, we can get to the heart of the matter: the best platforms for investing on the stock market… because not all brokers offer the same terms!

The best trading platforms 2022

To find your ideal broker for stock trading, we will compare different aspects that differentiate one broker from another:

  • The quality of the trading platform : to place orders daily or almost daily, the platform must be ergonomic, easy to access, and must offer different types of stock market order (limit order, threshold order,
  • Actions available : the securities account has in theory no limit, but brokers can put some, for example, some will not offer all the shares and will focus on the largest capitalizations (compartment A of Euronext).
  • Derivative products available : in addition to leveraged products, there are other derivative products such as short selling (or shorting), futures, warrants, puts, etc. It is up to you to determine which products are important and to choose the best one broker for your case.
  • Accessible stock markets : CDF brokers generally offer all European and American stock markets, but if you wish to access Asian or African stock markets, you will have to be more selective and carefully consult the list of accessible stock markets before subscribing.
  • Finally, the costs : this includes custody fees, which are normally free, and trading fees, which are relatively low today, as well as CFD fees, which can vary greatly.

Comparison of brokers for trading

For this comparison of the best trading platforms, we have selected only the brokers with the most user-friendly applications, the lowest fees (even free!) and with many accessible stock exchanges.

etoro logo DEGIRO-new-logo trade-republic-logo boursorama
Account housing At eToro (independent) ABN Amro BNP Paribas SolarisBank Societe Generale
Management Tools

eToro platform

Passage of orders suitable for beginners
and experts, social trading possible


Placing orders and combined orders quickly, fluidity, customizable platform and real-time price monitoring


Placing orders, monitoring prices in real time,
technical indicators

TradeRepublic platform

Passage of orders, fluidity, available on mobile only

Trading Board Boursorama

placing of orders, modular workspace, display of positions and prices in real time


Professional real-time technical analysis trading tool.

Direct Issuers

Platform for placing orders directly with issuers of warrants, turbos and certificates

Tax envelope Accounts titles Accounts titles Accounts titles Accounts titles Accounts titles,
Financial products available Stocks, ETFs, Forex, CFDs,
Commodities, Currencies, Cryptocurrencies
Shares, ETFs, UCITS, Bonds,
Options, Futures, Warrants
Stocks, ETFs, Forex, CFDs,
Commodities, Cryptocurrencies
Stocks, ETFs, leveraged derivatives Shares, ETFs, UCITS, Bonds,
Options, Futures, Warrants

10 European stock exchanges

Paris, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Milan, Zurich, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Amsterdam

2 American scholarships



Hong Kong

32 European Stock Exchanges

Among which: Paris, Amsterdam, Athens, Brussels, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Frankfurt,
Helsinki, Istanbul, Lisbon, London,
Madrid, Milan, Oslo, Stockholm,
Warsaw, Vienna, Zurich

11 American scholarships

Among which: NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, Currenex,


Sydney, Hong Kong, Tokyo,
For all other places, contact
the DeGiro trading room

15 European stock exchanges

France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark,
Spain, Finland, Italy,
Norway, Netherlands, Poland,
Portugal, United Kingdom,
Switzerland, Sweden, Czechia

1 American Stock Exchange


7 European stock exchanges

France, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Iceland, Italy and the Netherlands

American scholarships

United States, Canada and the Cayman Islands

Asian and Pacific scholarships

Japan and China

9 European stock exchanges

Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels,
Frankfurt, Madrid, Milan,
Lisbon, London, Zurich

2 American scholarships


Minimum payment from the securities account






Custody rights






Inactivity fees 10 €/month

if no connection for 12 months


10 €/month

if no connection for 12 months



Brokerage fees


on cash stocks and ETFs
Variable price on CFDs, see dedicated article

Euronext and America


for cash stocks and ETFs
0.25% international exchange fee


on a selection of
2,000 stocks and ETFs


Variable price on CFDs, see dedicated article


by immediate order


by scheduled order (stock and ETF)

Cost varies according to envelope (CTO or PEA) and profile (Discovery, Classic, Trader and Ultimate Trader)see dedicated article
Withdrawal fee






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As can be seen from this table, the benefits of each Broker are unique to what you are looking for in a trading platform. We will now dig into the specifics of each broker.

The top 5 best trading platforms

After comparing the characteristics of each broker, here is our top 5 of the best trading platforms according to our team:

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