USA: Winter storm kills at least 47 people

The winter storm that has hit the US for several days has killed at least 47 people, according to the latest report. And the weather is still limiting travel in some areas.

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The day after Christmas, US emergency workers counted the dead from a fierce winter storm that battered the US for several days, and had particularly hit a county in western New York State, where authorities on Monday confirmed at least 25 deaths. This border region of Canada has been buried under meters of snow and has been experiencing cold temperatures since last week.

Sunday evening, the death toll in Erie County was already 13 deadbut local services have since confirmed the deaths of 12 other people,”bringing the total number of blizzard deaths to 25“, said Monday morning at a press conference Mark Poloncarz, responsible for this county.

Some people have been found dead in their cars and others have died of cardiac arrest trying to clear snow while temperatures are still freezing, he said. “Your veins shrink, making it harder for the heart to circulate blood,” he explained, calling the situation “terrible.”

The total number of deaths confirmed by authorities in nine US states is now at least 47.. In Ohio, traffic accidents related to this bad weather killed nine people, the Ohio State Highway Patrol confirmed to AFP.


The Erie County city of Buffalo remains largely closed due to massive amounts of snowfall, including again overnight Sunday into Monday, Poloncarz warned. “Unless you’re part of the emergency department, don’t drive,” he asked. “Conditions are bad.” A travel ban was still in effect there Monday morning, but it was defied by some residentshe regretted.

“What we’re doing today is getting people to doctors, nurses and hospitals,” County Sheriff John Garcia told CNN Monday morning. – The roads are finally starting to be passable because the wind has died down.

During the height of the storm, rescuers were no longer able to reach people in need, such as those stranded in their cars or at home without power. “It is heartbreaking to get calls from families with children saying they are frozenJohn Garcia said.

Power has been restored to more than 13,000 homes in the past 24 hours, Mark Poloncarz said Monday morning, but more than 12,000 are still without power. Some will not be able to be connected to the network until Tuesday, he warned.

1,700 flights were canceled on Monday

Since Wednesday evening, the United States has been battered by this storm of rare intensity, whose polar winds have caused heavy snowfall, especially in the Great Lakes region.

Tens of millions of Americans saw their Christmas weekend turned upside down by massive power outages, impassable roads and thousands of canceled flights, causing chaos at airports.

As of Monday, more than 1,700 flights were still canceled in the United States, according to the monitoring site Conditions are expected to improve only gradually as the week progresses.

The weather “will continue to cause hazardous travel conditions locally for the next two days,” the US Weather Service (NWS) said in its latest national bulletin. “Most of the eastern United States will remain in freezing conditions throughout the day Monday before a more moderate trend sets in beginning Tuesday,” he added.

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