United States, India, Japan, Australia: the united Quad against China

“That’s a brilliant blunder!” The turbulent and facetious Masahisa Sato is no longer happy. Director of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee in the Japanese Diet, this MP, a former commander in the Self-Defense Forces (the Japanese army), is the militarist spur of his majority. He continues to stir up public opinion, wants to rearm the country and calls for a frank confrontation with China. But this May 23, he has just found the best ally in the person of… Joe Biden. To the question, at a press conference in Tokyo, of possible American military support for Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack, the American president replied with a resounding and historic: “Yes”. “It’s the best blunder Joe Biden has ever made,” added Masahisa Sato.

Blunder or confession? Joe Biden in any case sold the wick during his first visit as American head of state to Asia, in Tokyo, on May 23 and 24. Admittedly, he found his Japanese, Indian and Australian counterparts there, who had come to talk about trade and security. As expected. But in formats so poor that they quickly appeared as pretexts. On May 23, the President of the United States launched from Tokyo a regional agreement, IPEF, bringing together thirteen nations of Asia-Pacific. This initiative is supposed to compensate for the American withdrawal in 2017, under Donald Trump, from the TPP, an ambitious regulatory agreement which should have given birth to a gigantic homogeneous Indo-Pacific economic and commercial space.

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