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An activity not known and variously appreciated by those who know it, trading. Despite its age, trading still brings confusion to the hearts of many people. It is to dissipate this confusion that we approached Elvis Ahonon, expert independent trader. He is CEO and Promoter of LEVERAGE TRADE, a new International Coaching and Training Program in Digital Finance, in particular the trading of international financial markets.

FREE MORNING: What is trading? Is it equal?

Elvis AHONON: Trading is an English word that generally means Commerce. This means the sale and purchase of shares or bonds on the financial markets. It is of paramount importance to note that trading has two fundamental aspects, namely: Manual and physical trading and online trading on digital platforms (broker and trading applications) which helps us to speculate easily and freely on the financial markets

Given its recognition and value internationally and worldwide, it can only be classified in the category of legal activities.

What drew you to trading?

Personally what pushed me the most towards online trading is this advantage of generating huge profits independently over the short and long term while limiting the risk of big losses; the deep feeling of leaving this system of the RAT-RACE (Métro-Boulot-Dodo) and using his knowledge in the field while working without a boss or employees. The advantage of meeting, making new friends in the field while discussing new systems or advanced applications in the field. Trading is above all a very good activity which constitutes both a lever of trade for personal or even professional projects.

How to become a trader?

To become a trader you have to go to the school of trading, that is to say, have a mentor or a coach who has knowledge in the field and follow him in order to gain experience. Today, trading communities and independent traders are multiplying more and more around the world and more specifically in Africa. We have the means available and necessary to teach you how to become a good and excellent Trader of the international financial markets.

What are the business risks?

All jobs in the world involve risk. In the case of trading, the only risk it entails is the loss of its capital or part of its financial investment regardless of the mastery or not of knowledge in the field.

What has been your greatest success?

Personally, I haven’t succeeded yet, but we are working on it day and night to share as much as possible with our students. To this end, I have to my credit, more than 300 students around the world and more precisely in Benin, Togo, Niger, Burkina-Faso, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Ghana, South Africa, France, Russia , Texas and many more countries. My vision is to create an empire of Dollar billionaires through online trading through LEVERAGE TRADE. Among my many long-term goals are the establishment of a platform specializing in trading (Broker) and the construction of a Major International Training Center, dedicated to the poorest children in the world and more specifically in Africa. A seat whose main purpose will be Financial Education.

What advice can you give to those who hesitate?

The trading is good and beautiful real. If you want to succeed in this field, I could only prescribe patience and the relentless quest for basic and advanced knowledge, then to have a good mentor who excels in the field in order to quickly gain experience.

Directed by: Rémalia YAMADJAKO (Stag)

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