this brand of crisps that you need to bring back to the store urgently.

Beware of this brand of crisps, its products are recalled by supermarkets, the food emergency is at its maximum.

As is regularly the case, People Act Magazine is informing you today of an important product recall. Indeed, it is once again a food simply unfit for consumption. Let’s find out without further ado what it is exactly.

Product recall: check your stocks!

Very strict legislation

When talking about food safety, keep in mind that there are many rules in this area. The aim is obviously to guarantee consumers that they are not taking any risks regarding what will end up on their plate.

To do this, the legislator requires producers and distributors to meet very precise specifications. Controls are therefore very numerous with sometimes discoveries which oblige to recall products with regard to these foodstuffs which do not correspond in all respects to what is provided for by law.

In this area, there are obviously all the pathogens that can make us sick in the short or long term. You have certainly already heard of salmonellosis or listeria, which are unfortunately regularly found in food.

However, this is not the only problem one may encounter. It can also be a failure to respect the rules relating to expiry dates or defective packaging. When this kind of problem arises, the answer is always the same. In order not to take the slightest risk, the chain stores are launching an immediate recall of the products. Today, it is the same situation that we know because of the presence of a dye which is not part of the additives authorized by the authorities.

Beware of the danger of this brand of crisps!

In recent days, People Act Magazine has already drawn your attention to product recalls of smoked salmon, sausage and appetizer biscuits. In other words, it was a question of being vigilant at the time of the aperitif.

This is again the case with what we are talking about today. It’s time to check your cupboards to see if you’ve recently bought any chips that need to be removed from the circuit immediately. Due to their content of this problematic dye, in fact, it is strictly not recommended to consume them.

To be completely specific when it comes to this new product recall, we are talking about “Camarillo Chili Flavor Tortilla Chips”. A snack that was marketed by the Grand Frais brand between June 15 and February 7, 2022. Its Sudan II content (the aforementioned dye) effectively requires its removal from the shelves. Note that the GTIN number is 3580282930068 and the minimum durability date is between March 1 and August 29, 2022. If you find you are in possession of these chips, People Act Magazine tells you what to do.

Product recall: A simple procedure

When the consumer is confronted with a product recall, the priority is obviously not to take any risk to his health. Therefore, it is obviously possible to just throw it away so that it does not end up in your cupboards. However, this is a waste of your wallet.

You can also return it to the store for a refund of your purchase. There are specific rules for this, and you do not need to submit receipts. You just have to go to the store that sold you the food and they will give you your money back without delay. It is a way of guaranteeing customer satisfaction and the most basic rights.

However, remember that these product recall campaigns have a maximum duration. Regarding these chips, it was indeed essential to react before March 7 to benefit from this measure. Otherwise, the point of sale will no longer be obliged to refund the amount you have paid.


Better to take precautions and not delay! People Act Magazine invites you to regularly consult the site which allows you to find the list of all the references which pose a problem in France. This is a daily updated list that includes a precise state of play in the field.

It is therefore interesting to discover, but especially to check if it can concern you. A very simple way to get reliable information in real time like People Act Magazine also tries to do it for you.

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