they arrive on the spot and the situation takes a completely different turn

A cat sows panic in a neighborhood: they arrive on the spot and the situation takes a completely different turn

On Wednesday May 18 in Vancouver, Canada, a big cat caused panic in a neighborhood of the city.

Around 1 p.m., residents of the Shaughnessy neighborhood in Vancouver had reported a cougar, far from its natural habitat.

Police and wildlife conservation officers attended the scene. The police immediately notified some schools in the area to ensure the safety of students.

A change of plan

But on the spot, the conservation officers saw a big cat with a spotted coat. They identified the feline as a Savannah cat.

Savannahs are not considered a wild species, but are the result of a cross between a serval (felid of the cheetah family, native to Africa) and a domestic cat.

They do not agree

The Conservation Officer Service said the feline was a Savannah cat. But two cat experts disagree and say it was probably a serval.

One of the specialists, Eric Buckingham, breeds Savannah cats and said Wednesday’s lost feline was larger than a Savanah cat and had a different spotted pattern.

Servals are not illegal to possess in British Columbia. However, they are not suitable as pets, as they are fast and they are hunters who constantly need to be enriched. It is therefore very difficult to keep them in captivity.

The feline in question was finally returned to its owner on Wednesday evening.

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