The United States, death in the soul

From our European point of view, it is decidedly difficult to understand why the Americans persist in defending the carrying of arms. In a few days, two killings have mourned the United States. The White House is unable to find a solution. Joe Biden, no more than Barack Obama and Bill Clinton before him, will be able to challenge the Second Amendment in the face of powerful lobbies.

On the other side of the Atlantic, having a firearm is an absolute right and 80% of American citizens refuse to give up this deadly privilege, considered above all as an effective means of defense.

At the same time, the Supreme Court is preparing to question the federal right to voluntary termination of pregnancy, under pressure from the “pro-lifers”, as they call themselves.

This is the whole paradox of the first world power, powerless when it is really necessary to defend life. The death in the soul.


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