The PrimeXBT exchange innovates by launching its trading academy

In this thundering start to the year 2022, PrimeXBT remains the preferred trading platform. Everything is organized so that the technical analysts feel comfortable there and can carry out their complex strategies with complete peace of mind.

A plethora of opportunities, assets, financial instruments that the exchange continues to enhance, to the delight of curve grinders. And if you are not yet a member of these elites, the platform recently decided to remedy it.

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The stadium ? An unpredictable crypto market

Which crypto investor has not been taken in doubt by the vagaries of the courses. Highly volatile, the digital asset market is still young, immature one might say. Something to unseat the best trendsetters on occasion. But the potential is there, and PrimeXBT offers an impressive range for those who want to grab it.

As a reminder, the platform is only accessible in crypto (BTC, ETH, USDT, etc.). A choice that offers the advantage of exempt its users from the tedious KYC process. But once inside, everything is done so that you can express your talent and your investment desires. Add to that an award-winning interface, and you easily understand the growing success of the exchange.

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PrimeXBT, an elitist product within everyone’s reach

Thereby, PrimeXBT is full of possibilities for anyone who knows how to handle it. But what about beginners, amateurs still unenlightened and vulnerable to the carnivorous appetite of the most seasoned traders? Based on this observation, the platform intends to take its responsibilities. Indeed, since last year, it has been offering its neophyte customers the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of the best. The Covest module was designed for this.

It is very easy to join the covesting program

In a few clicks, you will be able to allocate part of your capital to follow the orders of one or more traders of your choice. Specialists whose results are exposed to help you select your champion. From there, the levers are yours, short selling, options, and all those barbaric terms synonymous with tenfold profits for those who know how to handle them. Beware though: even the best can fail, and technical analysis is not an exact science. The possibility of seeing your bet disappear is important. Invest sparingly, and never more than you can afford to lose.

In crypto too, you are never better served than by yourself

But let’s face it. When the passion for blockchain technology holds you, there comes a time when you want to put your hands in the engine. And that, the famous exchange understood it well. This is why since February, it offers you a real trading training course for free: the PrimeXBT Academy. A generous and salutary approach, in order to democratize and above all to secure the first contacts of novice investors with technical analysis.

Cryptocurrency exchange PrimeXBT keeps in touch with its customers through social media, including twitter.
PrimeXBT announces the academy on twitter

Thus, you will now be able to access a veritable mine of information concerning cryptos in general, and day-trading in particular. Accompanied in your learning by the enlightened opinions of Dirk Hartig, emeritus professional trader, you will be able to safely explore the intricacies of the many complex financial tools available to you. Solid foundations that will be of great help to you in understanding erratic price movements, and above all make the most of it when the opportunity arises.

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Guided by the tangible proliferation of cryptocurrencies in our daily lives, PrimeXBT is gradually changing the face of trading. These markets, once elitist battlefields strewn with pitfalls, the platform has decided to pacify their contours. A necessary educational approach that is part of a long-term vision that is beneficial for the entire ecosystem. By assuming its responsibilities, the platform is once again positioning itself as a leader among the giants of the sector.

Be careful though: trading with leverage is not to be taken lightly. earnings, just like the losses, can be considerable… and very fast! Some tools are complex instruments and present a high risk of rapid capital loss due to leverage. 74% of retail investor accounts lose money when investing in CFDs. You need to make sure you understand how it works and can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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