the Americans voted to ban a player during the World Cup

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The kind of short story about the World Cup that delights football fans. The co-hosts of the next World Cup (with Mexico and Canada), the United States were in dress rehearsal four years before their event. Second in their group and qualified for the round of 16 thanks to a final victory against Iran in an eminently political poster, the Americans saw their way to an end against the Netherlands with a 3-1 defeat. A delightful adventure which was visibly marked by many internal conflicts, especially around Giovanni Reyna, Borussia Dortmund’s young hope.

Reyna got hot!

In fact, the 20-year-old’s behavior caused a stir, which resulted in a vote on whether he should be excluded from selection for the rest of the competition, as revealed Athletics and ESPN. Out of 25 players, 12 voted for his exclusion, 13 for him to stay. A brief majority that allowed him to stay with his family, apologize and then visibly change his behavior. His coach had indicated after the elimination (before the case came out) that one player was very close to being sent home, without revealing his name: “We were ready to book a plane ticket back, c That is how extreme the situation is . was,” he said at a conference in New York. We now know the identity.

To summarize

American players cast a vote during the World Cup to ban Borussia Dortmund forward Giovanni Reyna for his conduct. 12 voted for the removal, 13 for his stay, the majority has spoken.

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