TESTIMONY. “Wally is my emotional support alligator!”

Wally is not an alligator like the others. Unable to show the slightest aggression and gentle as a lamb, the reptile has become the best friend of its master, to whom it brings a lot of comfort!

Last August, some visitors to Love Park in Philadelphia had a real scare when they encountered… an alligator! But the cord attached to the animal’s neck and the young age of its companion reassured them: no, the animal did not want their lives. He only wanted to cool off at the fountains in the park. Because Wally, as he was dubbed, is not a wild, bloodthirsty alligator. He was adopted in September 2016 by Joie Henney, a 68-year-old crocodile rescuer who knows reptiles like no other.

Contacted by a friend who lives in Florida, he was moved by the catastrophic fate that could have been that of the little animal, collected at the age of 14 months in a lagoon when he was only 50 centimeters tall. “There are a lot of alligators in this area. […] But in this state, they are considered pests and are either euthanized or put into captivity,” he told CNN. Joy didn’t think twice and agreed to take the little alligator home to Pennsylvania. .

The animal’s gentle presence has supported Joie in her battle against cancer

For six years man and animal have become the best friends in the world. “Wally is very different from any alligator I’ve come in contact with in the last thirty years. He hasn’t shown any aggression since the day he was captured. We’ve never been able to figure out why. He’s just adorable. He sleeps with me, steals my pillows and my blankets”, details Joie Henney, certainly under the spell.

Wally brings him so much happiness that he has officially applied for a license to register his scaled companion as an emotional support animal! The alligator was indeed a valuable comfort as Joie underwent radiation treatment sessions to fight cancer.

Wally tops the competition for the best pet!

After becoming a star on the networks, Wally no longer scares anyone. “People are really excited and happy to meet him. […] Wally is the only alligator I know that refuses to bite. It’s hard to believe, but it’s the truth,” enthuses his master. And his notoriety is confirmed with every trip to the park. “The walkers rushed as soon as they heard Wally was there. Everyone wanted to touch him, take a picture of him,’ explains Joie, who has only one wish: that Wally’s gentleness and kindness be imitated.

He entered his friend into America’s Favorite Pet, the American version of best pet. On his profile, the animal is proudly displayed with sunglasses, and it is indicated that he loves to cuddle. This unique entry won over many voters and the alligator currently holds first place in its category. Wally may not be aggressive, but he has a bite.

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