RIP Mr Goxx, the crypto trading hamster who made better investments than humans

To parody the cryptocurrency trading market, Mr. Goxx’s family had adapted their toys so that their somersaults trigger selling or buying actions. The cute hamster left us, but not without first achieving excellent returns on investment.

He had a great career in finance and amused many Internet users with his exploits. The famous “crypto trader” hamster Mr. Goxx sadly left us this week. His adoptive family shared the news on Twitter on November 24: It is with great sadness that we announce the loss of our furry friend that we loved so much (…) Thank you Max (aka Mr Goxx), rest in peace. We will miss you and your memory will live forever in the blockchain. »

This cute German hamster had acquired a nice notoriety on Twitter, when its owners had the idea to make him make investments in cryptocurrencies. Mr. Goxx’s family had thus adapted the hamster’s toys so that his movements and his somersaults trigger trading actions (sell, buy).

The hamster was streaming his trading sessions on Twitch

During the hamster’s “trading” sessions, livestreamed on Twitch, the fact that he turns his wheel allowed him to select one of the different cryptocurrencies integrated into his portfolio (ether, bitcoin, TRON, etc.). Two game tunnels (“Buy”, “Sell”) made it possible to determine which action to initiate next. Mr. Goxx’s family had set the trading amounts at 20 dollars (17 euros) and the initial bet at around 300 dollars (266 euros).

The objective here was to show in a humorous way that crypto trading is a very uncertain discipline, and that, therefore, investing at random gives, in some cases, as good results as trying to do so. thoughtful way.

Mr. Goxx has also proven to be a wise adviser. As CNN noted with humor last September, it had at the time generated better returns on investments than bitcoin, the S&P 500 (an American stock market index) or even than the fund of billionaire Warren Buffet – who gets along with it yet in terms of investments, since he was at the head of the third richest person in the world in 2019. The hamster Mr Goxx also ends his career as a trader in style, having generated 54 euros in gain.

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