Releasing goldfish into the wild would be dangerous

PAfter the confinement, you may be thinking of abandoning your goldfish by releasing it into a river near your home. It is better to abstain. According to scientific research, relayed by the English dailyThe Guardian, these little animals that seem very nice to us would be much less so once in the wild. “Not only are they numerous, but they also combine insatiable appetites and bold behavior” in the face of spaces that can make them compete, explains James Dickey, one of the authors of the study.

In question, according to scientists, the great adaptability of goldfish. Indeed, unlike other species of domesticated animals, these fish resist very well once in the wild. “While northern European climates are often an obstacle to the survival of these species in the wild, goldfish are known to be tolerant of such conditions and could pose a real threat to river biodiversity. and lakes”, details the academic in the columns of the English newspaper.

Individuals feed on resources that other species directly depend on, thus destabilizing the entire food chain. The adaptation of goldfish is such that they can even metamorphose after being released. In the United States, some specimens can reach thirty centimeters in length.

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Goldfish soon banned from pet stores?

In Great Britain as in France, the inhabitants were numerous to want to adopt a small goldfish, sometimes, to fill a boredom. However, during all the periods of confinement, the pet shops had remained open. A fashion that worries James Dickey. “Although our research has not focused on whether this problem has worsened since the lockdown, there is reason to believe that it is, or at least will be the case,” says- he, pessimistic.

Indeed, initial studies – which are not yet consolidated – suggest that some fish owners are losing interest in their aquarium. As the summer season draws closer, vacations are often synonymous with abandoning pets. If some people want to act “out of humanity” by releasing their goldfish into the wild, the scientist calls on them not to do it. He even calls on pet stores to “limit the availability” of this species. “Along with better education of pet owners is a key to preventing harmful invaders from establishing themselves in the future,” says James Dickey.

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