Personality Test: Find Your Spirit Animal With This Simple Test!

It is for this reason that people have adopted different animals in their personalities. Finding your totem animal can be a very rich practice for discovering other aspects of your personality. Through this test, we invite you to find your spirit animal. And according to your choice, you will learn more about yourself.

Photo credit: © namastest


If you have chosen the fox, it is because you are an ingenious and mischievous person who knows what fight to lead. You’re smart and that’s why people respect you. Be aware that sometimes you are a little pessimistic. One of your greatest qualities is prudence.


You are a bit lazy. Sleep is your ally. Thus, it is no problem for you to sleep throughout the day. Unfortunately for you, work is essential to survival. However, you are a good worker characterized by your intelligence. Indeed, you constantly find easier and faster ways to complete your tasks before the others. This makes it easy for you to flourish in your professional life.

The wolf

You are a loyal, stubborn and fierce person. But you are also very protective, especially towards those you love. You are friendly, but not with everyone. Also, you are filled with creativity. However, due to your solitary nature, people find it difficult to understand you.


You have complete confidence in yourself and always find effective ways to get things done. Extrovert, you like to be in a group and can’t stand loneliness. For this, you always try to be nice so that others stay with you. Arrogance, however, is your greatest weakness.

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