one more death recorded in the United States, six in total

Covid-19 vaccines were dropped from the list of potential culprits because most children were unvaccinated.

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An additional death linked to cases of unexplained hepatitis in children has been reported in the United States, bringing the total to six deaths, announced Friday May 20 the American health authorities, who indicated that they are now investigating 180 cases in total.

A large part of the approximately 70 additional cases identified between the beginning of May and this week are not recent, they however underlined. Many have actually been reported retrospectively.

The cause of these serious liver inflammations is still being sought by scientists, also indicated an official from the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), the country’s main federal health agency. “At present, the main hypothesis remains an important role played by adenovirus 41”, said Jay Butler, deputy director in charge of infectious diseases at the CDC. Adenoviruses are fairly common viruses, but have not previously been known to cause cases of hepatitis in healthy children.

Fewer than 20% of U.S. cases also show evidence of Covid-19 infection, he said. Vaccines against Covid-19 have been dropped from the list of potential culprits because most children are not vaccinated, and are too young to be.

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