On Tuesday 27 December in prime time, France 2 will broadcast the first episode of “Animal instinct”, a new program presented by Perrine Crosmary and Diego Buñuel, with Julie de Bona – Here’s the concept!

On Tuesday 27 December in prime time, France 2 will broadcast “Animal instinct”, a new program presented by Perrine Crosmary and Diego Buñuel.

Closer to wildlife, in total immersion in the heart of the Serengeti in Tanzania, one of the last wild Edens on the planet, Julie de Bona, will live the adventure of a lifetime for this first issue and reconnect with her animal instinct.

Conservation of nature, protection of our environment, is today a concern shared by all. Faced with the dangers that threaten our planet, most of us feel the need to reconnect with nature. France Télévisions offers a unique program, an unprecedented adventure dedicated to the wonders of life: to understand the world we live in, to share life with these animals that are so precious to us, to learn who they are and how they live , we will reconnect with our animal instincts.

In this first episode, Perrine Crosmary and Diego Buñuel accompany Julie de Bona on the trail of endangered species to live an unforgettable experience of reconnecting with nature. With this show, it is also the personality of a great actress that is revealed to us. Julie de Bona came out of this immersion totally transformed. Gradually, as she met, the challenges she faced, the fears she overcame, changed her point of view. At the end of this trip, Julie no longer sees nature as a human dominating it, but as an animal that is part of a collective life.

The adventure will most often be lived on foot, without protection, as close as possible to the animals. To venture into the heart of wild nature and vibrate before the spectacle it reveals to us is a privilege that must be earned. Far from the comfort of the modern world, we will discover a raw and untamed environment and meet sometimes dangerous and unpredictable animals…

Diego Buñuel, great reporter, has traveled to all the hot places on the planet. Perrine Crosmary is a scientist and naturalist who has specialized for years in immersing herself in the wilderness, as close as possible to animals. Thanks to their experience, we will be able to observe, without any barrier, the incredible and little-known connections that unite animals to their environment, become aware of all that animal society and nature can teach us, understand why the last great wild sanctuaries are precious, fragile and essential for us and future generations.

It is important today to reconnect with the different ways of life, learn to live together, share, respect each other. Understand that every animal, every plant plays a fundamental role in this increasingly fragile and threatened balance, a balance that it is now crucial for us to regain. Each species is unique, useful, precious and irreplaceable, and we are part of it too.

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