New business in Saint-Nazaire: at the Ty Chat Mallow Café, cats to pet and adopt

Tuesday May 24, 2022, Adrien and Anne open Ty Chat Mallow, the first cat bar in Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique) ©L’Echo de la Presqu’île

Tigrou and Sikan are eagerly awaiting the first customers. With their three other friends, for the past few days, they have been discovering their new playground: the Ty Chat Mallow Cafethe first Saint-Nazaire cat bar (Loire-Atlantique) which will open on May 24, 2022 close to the Theater, boulevard Albert de Mun. At the helm of the project, Anne Lebas and Adrien Cordon, two friends who love cats and are passionate about pastry shop.

With this opening, the two Brevinois change their lives.

I worked for 25 years in insurance. I wanted change. I immediately had the idea of ​​opening a cat bar. A skills assessment confirmed my project. When I spoke to Adrien, who was also in professional retraining, he decided to join the adventure.

Anne Lebas, manager of Ty Chat Mallow Café

Before opening her establishment, Anne did an internship in a bar in Rouen and they both passed the Acaced certification (Certificate of knowledge for pets of domestic species) to be able to accommodate animals in their café.

Help cats find a family

The Ty Chat Mallow is not just a bar where you come to enjoy the purrs. Anne and Adrien open this establishment to help abandoned cats to find a family. “We didn’t want to open a café with our own cats, the associative side was really important to us”, says Anne.

They collaborate with the Brevinoise branch of Rescue and Cats in Distress (see elsewhere). “We have the space to accommodate nine,” says Adrien.

Five cats – all for adoption – will be present for the opening.

This allows you to see their behavior. Whether they are sociable or not. We can come back several times before deciding. Of course, you can also come here just to enjoy the cats for a while.

“A chance for our adult cats”

When she was contacted by the Ty Chat Mallow Café, Élodie Vinet, the person in charge of Rescue and cats in distress in Saint-Brevin, did not hesitate for long. “Our branch in Angers works with a cat bar and it works well. On average, there is one adoption every two weeks.” Thanks to this “showcase”, she hopes to place adult cats or cats with small disabilities more quickly. “When it’s kitten season, from May to October, it’s hard to get adults to adopt. The cat bar will give them more visibility. There will only be healthy cats or cats with minor handicaps.” They will all be sociable with humans and cats, vaccinated, sterilized and identified. In case of crush, after a telephone appointment with Elodie Vinet, the adoption contract will be signed at Ty Chat Mallow.

One year to find a place

The two friends chose Saint-Nazaire and not Saint Brevin to open their business. “We wanted a big city with a non-seasonal clientele. We are aimed more at families and students. With the opening of the School of Fine Arts and Cesi, Saint-Nazaire ticked all the boxes. »

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The duo hoped to open in 2021. But that was without counting the search for the premises. “We didn’t think it would be so hard to find! »

Between the overly expensive rents at the Blue Ribbon and the Paquebot and the too small premises – “a minimum of 60 m2 to accommodate cats” – after a year of research, it was finally on Le Bon Coin that the partners finally found their cozy nest.

We are delighted. The location is great, there is a good atmosphere with the nearby businesses.

A room reserved for cats

Establishing 90 m2 has been completely renovated to make the felines feel at home. They have access to the entire space except the kitchen. “We have set up a room of 11 m2 just for them if they need to isolate themselves from customers,” says Anne.

Saint-Nazaire cat bar
Snow, 10 months old visually and hearing impaired, arrived at the Saint-Nazaire cat bar ©Mélissa DUPIN

Rescue and distressed cats looking for foster families

Opened three years ago, the Brevinoise branch of Rescue and Cats in Distress shines on the Pays de Retz and the Guérande Peninsula. She takes care of abandoned cats through a network of foster families. In recent years, the number of treatments has continued to increase. And the Covid crisis hasn’t helped. “We have on average 5 requests for care each day. In 2021, we welcomed 1,100 cats compared to 1,000 the year before in Vendée and Loire-Atlantique. At the moment, we have 200 cats at the adoption. In the summer it can go up to 300.”
The Brevinoise branch works with a hundred families. She is always looking for homes to house her felines awaiting adoption, “especially to feed abandoned kittens”. At the cat bar, Élodie will be able to place up to nine cats. “This will make it possible to free up space in foster families which can accommodate a maximum of 3 cats.”

Homemade dishes

In the “cosy, like at home” room with 28 seats, customers can have a drink while nibbling on one of the pastries or lunchr while playing with cats. “All dishes are homemade with local products. The merchants will also occasionally offer games evenings.

Enough to treat yourself to a real relaxing break and perhaps find your new four-legged friend!

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