Near Rouen, desperately looking for a chef to take over the restaurant

The deputy Chantal Petit and the mayor of Ry (Seine-Maritime) Christophe Hoguet are increasing the calls so that the restaurant of the town can reopen. (©Isabelle Villy)

Rya charming little village about twenty kilometers from Rouen (Seine-Maritime)… Very close to majestic sites such as the Château de Martainville and its museum of Norman traditions and arts… Not far from the Château de Vascœuil, center of art and story…

As you will have understood, the commune of Ry benefits from a privileged geographical location and is moreover itself a tourist place readily associated with the heroine of a novel by Flaubert, Madame Bovary. With a very commercial town center, a renowned weekly market, a Tourist Office and soon a museum, the village whose Norman architectural heritage leaves no one indifferent has its Achilles heel: there is indeed no more restaurant since the one answering to the name ofAu Puits d’Antan has closed its doors.

A handicap for tourist attractiveness

A handicap that the mayor Christophe Hoguet and his assistant Chantal Petit are determined to overcome, as the presence of a restaurant, of the bistronomic or gastronomic type, is essential to meet the demands of passing visitors and even for the inhabitants of the town and the neighboring towns.

Unfortunately, all the efforts they have made so far to find a buyer for this restaurant, which is ideally located in the heart of the village, have so far failed. And they tried everything! They called on SOS Villages, the TF1 program; they went to see the restaurant chefs in Rouen; they also pleaded their case with hotel schools; they also alerted the Chamber of Commerce and Industry… in vain! The restaurant is still closed as the summer and tourist season begins.

Consequence of the Covid in particular

“The restaurant’s activity suffered greatly from the consequences of the Covid and has never resumed. A liquidation procedure has been initiated and currently, the restaurant is in compulsory liquidation, in the hands of an agent”, explains Christophe Hoguet, who underlines that the owner of the walls is quite ready to re-let to a new manager to reopen the restaurant. . But obviously not easy to find this rare pearl.

“We are looking for it, we take care of it, we go a little beyond our skills as elected officials, it’s true, but this restaurant is important, it’s an essential service for the attractiveness of our municipality”, continues the mayor, who notes that there is currently a real shortage in jobs related to the hotel industry. The leaders he has already met have confirmed this to him: it is not easy to find people who are willing, determined and ready to get started.

A beautiful tool, ready to work

However, Chantal Petit and Christophe Hoguet argue that this affair, in Ry is “a very good tool. It is a beautiful restaurant, with two beautiful rooms and a sunny terrace at the back. There is a capacity of about sixty place settings. The premises are clean, the kitchen is up to standard and it is impeccable, ready to operate immediately”. In short, the place is just waiting for its future chef to bring the restaurant back to life. And in any case, the mayor reminds us that a town planning clause prohibits any change of assignment of the whole: “There will be no accommodation here, instead of the restaurant, it’s impossible “, he says.

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Find a gastronomic offer

Formerly, the gastronomic offer was important in Ry: some will surely remember the Auberge la Crevonnière which closed its doors in the 1990s, without forgetting the essential restaurant Le Bovary, which was finally bought by the municipality de Ry but which will never again be a place of mouth… Today, there is obviously fast food (pizzeria and kebab) but the elected officials wish to widen the catering offer for tourists by adding this gastronomic touch which has disappeared from the town. “We are a little disappointed not to find anyone. There is however material to work with local products. The potential is there”, adds Christophe Hoguet who hopes that a chef will be tempted to develop a project here, in Ry… Let’s hope that one of them will read these lines and contact the elected officials of the common…

Practical information
Contact with the town hall on 02 35 23 60 61 or by email: [email protected]

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