Mr Bean’s fireworks make it look like a Russian invasion


Comedian Rowan Atkinson celebrated the 40th birthday of his companion in a more than backfired way, scaring the see the dogs and cats of the region.

Rowan Atkinson, 6, was celebrating his girlfriend’s 40th birthday.

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Rowan Atkinson, the famous British actor who notably plays Mr Bean. celebrated the 40th birthday of his companion last weekend. And he spared no expense. He rented the Lucknam Park hotel and spa near Chippenham and, after 10 p.m. on Saturday, he set off a fireworks display.

The 67-year-old actor seems to have pulled out all the stops as the rockets created some panic in the area. Charlene, a 45-year-old woman who lives near the nearby Azimghur military base, believed it was being bombed. Write the “DailyMail”.

“It looked like the Russians were attacking us,” said another neighbor, who even called for the hotel to be closed. It accommodates 30 horses and offers an equestrian therapy service and this home fears that the fireworks have disturbed them.

A warning by Facebook

He sure scared other animals. “Our dogs went crazy and started running in circles in the garden.” Other dogs and cats ran away and took a while to come back. What still made some smile on social networks, who retorted that if animals could so easily leave the gardens, it was that there was a problem.

Many complained that they had not been warned. The hotel had, however, spread the message, but only on its Facebook page and many people did not see it. In addition, the fireworks started after 10 am, later than the announced time and the first detonations startled everyone. “My house shook, I hope they never start this again, from the month so late,” says a neighbor.

Like what. Rowan Atkinson can create as much mayhem wherever he goes as Mr Bean.

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