McDonald’s: 2-year-old orders 31 burgers with his mother’s phone

Not locking your smartphone properly can have unexpected consequences. An American mother has just had a bitter experience of it. As CNN reports, Monday, May 16, Kelsey Golden had the bad surprise to learn that her phone had been used without her knowledge by her two-year-old son. And by typing on the device, the latter accidentally ordered 31 cheeseburgers from McDonald’s via the DoorDash application.

She was transferring photos from her phone to her computer when her son, Barrett, started “pulling” her phone. If usually, he likes to use the device to “watch his reflection”, this time, “he started to press on the screen, making it spin like in a roller coaster”, told the mother of the family to CNN.

It was upon receiving a notification from DoorDash that her order had been delayed that Kelsey realized there was a misunderstanding. A fear that was confirmed when a car parked in front of her home and a person came out with a large McDonald’s bag, containing 31 cheeseburgers. If she first thought of an error in the address, the mother of the family quickly realized that her son was at the origin of this order.

Free cheeseburgers for the neighborhood

His doubts were cleared after checking his phone: an order had indeed been placed at the very moment Barrett was playing with his smartphone. And unfortunately for her, “no one in the family likes cheeseburgers.” The Texan then decided to post a message on her city’s Facebook account to offer free burgers. A call quickly heard since a pregnant woman came to collect six. His neighbors were also able to take advantage of his free cheeseburgers.

The icing on the cake: The order totaled $91.70, in part because Barrett left a “really generous” 25% tip, Kelsey Golden told CNN. A little story that made the buzz in the region pushing the management of the local McDonald’s to invite the young Barrett to his restaurant to meet the mascots and taste nuggets.

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