Kat is reunited with her family on Christmas Day, two years after going missing

The cat had been missing since August 2020. He found his family on December 25 in Calvados.

After traveling through several departments, Cartier returned home on 25 December. A nice Christmas present for the family of this cat who has been missing for more than two years. He was found on December 24 in Touques, Calvados.

“It was Saturday December 24, recalls Manuela from the Refuge animal de Touques, at the microphone of BFM Normandie. There is a gentleman who brought me a cat that he found on the street.

Manuela then checks whether the animal is identified, tattooed or chipped. Bingo, after a little research, she finds the owner of Cartier and calls him without delay. “We contacted him by phone to tell him his cat had made it to the pound,” she says.

“It was a great joy for them”

“They came to pick him up, it was smiles, a great moment of happiness for them to find their loulou. It was a great joy for them”, describes Manuela.

This beautiful story also reminds us of the importance of identifying pets. “When you have lost an identified animal, do not despair,” concludes Mélanie, from the Touques Animal Sanctuary.

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