“It would be my dream for Elon Musk to buy the league”

With his miraculous fortune, Elon Musk is the object of many desires, and in particular in the NBA. One player, for example, admitted that he would like more than anything for the billionaire to become the new boss of the league, and for a very specific reason!

As the richest man on the planet, everyone would necessarily like him to use his money for very specific causes. Elon Musk is well aware of this, but tries to remain lucid and thoughtful in his many investments. The most striking recently remains of course his attempt to take over Twitter, which has caused a lot of talk in the NBA.

Very present and active on the social network, the players of the league obviously did not escape this news. Several of them even reacted to it, like Rudy Gobert and his intrigued message. All of that, however, was before the billionaire put the $44 billion move on hold. An XXL sum that he could well place elsewhere… and why not in the league!

NBA boss Elon Musk? Enes Kanter begs him

With his bank account filled to the brim, Elon Musk could simply afford all 30 NBA franchises, and why not the organization as a whole. This is what Enes Kanter Freedom hopes more than anyone else. Recently invited to the antenna of FOX Newsthe Turkish pivot has made it clear that he would love to see the businessman make this move… and thus save his career!

That would be my dream! Honestly, that would be my dream. I think what he’s doing for free speech is amazing, and I think he could bring some justice back to the NBA. And who knows, maybe I can finally play basketball.

With Musk at the helm of the NBA, Kanter believes he would find a place on the tour again.

Indeed, Enes the Menace still believes he has been a victim of his outspokenness, and that a change at the top of the pyramid could allow him to find a job:

That’s my goal! I’m only 29, and they’re already pushing me to retire because I say what I think out loud. And when I say all these things, it kills their business. and it shows once again that they care more about their money and their business than their player’s positions.

That’s what kills me inside, because two years ago, after the problems that there were in America, the NBA was the first organization to say that they cared, and that she encouraged her players to talk about it. Two years later, I talked about the problems in China, Celtics games were banned there, and it pissed them off! In a snap, I found myself kicked out of the league. But there is something more important than basketball.

Enes Kanter hopes for a miracle to find a place in the NBA, and why not to see Elon Musk become the boss. Unfortunately for him, this does not seem to be part of the immediate plans of the multi-billionaire!

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