“It will end up degenerating”: in Saint-Amant-de-Boixe, dogs frighten the inhabitants of “La Fichère”

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“The first attack on one of our dogs dates back to February 18. This time, my husband was able to intervene, unlike the next one: on the night of March 31, our elderly dog ​​had his ear torn off and was almost euthanized. He remained very weak”, launches Catherine Loiseau, showing the poor amputated animal. That of a neighbor was less fortunate. “His master is so traumatized he can’t talk about it. »

In question, “dogs who should be declared at the town hall and regularly leave their yard because the fence is perforated”, say the residents, pointing to the four dogs of Hafid Chamroune, who moved to “La Fichère” this winter and disputes all the allegations (see box). Despite multiple testimonies and a video where we clearly see three of the four mastiffs attacking an iron gate behind which are other dogs. “That day, they shredded the privacy screen. » Stéphane Déodore remembers “attack of the cream dog”, one morning, as he was leaving with the truck: “Fortunately, I was able to defend myself with a piece of wood. I warned everyone not to let the dogs out.

Funès, an 11-year-old dog, had his right ear eaten and was saved in extremis.

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On site, the anecdotes follow one another, while Catherine Loiseau notes the times when the dogs were seen wandering or threatening on the road: February 18, March 30 and 31, April 2, 6, 13 and 26…. “Each time, we called the gendarmes, but we go around in circles: the dogs are always there and when their master walks them, they are without a muzzle.continues Catherine Loiseau, showing an ongoing petition which has already collected 48 signatures. “We are afraid for our own dogs but also for us and the children of the village: everyone is barricading themselvesadmits Liliane Granet, municipal councilor. We don’t want to go out anymore. “If nobody does anything, it will end up degenerating”, worries Jean-Philippe Loiseau.

Hafid Chamroune posted a message a few weeks ago on Facebook to find two of his dogs who had disappeared.

Hafid Chamroune posted a message a few weeks ago on Facebook to find two of his dogs who had disappeared.

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Coming out of the pound

The gendarmes, the mayor, the deputy Jérôme Lambert have been called. On April 2, three dogs wandering on the roads were even taken to the pound by the gendarmes. “But they were released immediately because the owner chatted to the SPA, promising to come back the next day with the dogs’ papers in order”underlines Françoise Giroux-Mallot, mayor of Saint-Amant-de-Boixe (1)which has just taken an order relating to the circulation and wandering of dogs. I have asked the owner to provide the license for his four dogs, but I am still waiting for it. »

We are afraid for our own dogs but also for us and the children of the village: everyone is barricading themselves.

Do these dogs belong to category 1 or 2, called “dangerous dogs”, requiring a certificate of aptitude from the master after training, a behavioral evaluation of the dog by a veterinarian, an identification document from the dog, vaccination against rabies or a certificate of civil liability insurance? This is the question that arises. “A dog attacking another dog does not constitute a criminal offence, but we have opened an investigation in connection with the prefecture in relation to their dangerousness, specifies the Confolens gendarmerie company, which has yet to confirm the categorization of these dogs. This is subject to specific criteria. In the meantime, the gendarmes are trying to make regular visits to the field. »

(1) The SPA did not respond to our requests.

A master with incoherent words

“My dogs have never strayed”, “I only have one dog, a female”, “two dogs were stolen from me, but the town hall does nothing”… Difficult to follow the confused and contradictory words of Hafid Chamroune, whose dogs are implicated by the inhabitants of “La Fichère” in the attack in particular of two other dogs of the village. “No one could prove that they were responsible: they are babies who would not attack a fly and only think of having funlaunches Hafid Chamroune, who sees in these allegations “Racism because I am Moroccan”. Besides, he has “saw other dogs wandering off. They may be responsible. I also found a trace of fang on the paw of one of my puppies. » He does not deny that his dogs stray. “Because someone is having fun cutting my fence, I repaired it and it was cut in the same place”. Above all, he disputes having to show a detention permit. “Because they are not staff or categorized dogs: the SPA saw that they were not bad. I was able to recover them”continues Hafid Chamroune, before saying that if, “The female Laika is pure staff, but she doesn’t move from my house. Otherwise, both puppies are bulldogs. »

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