Is Elon Musk dreaming with Twitter to kill democracy?

+ 200% racist tweets, + 60% anti-Semitic or homophobic posts. Since the takeover of the most powerful social network in the world at the end of October, the consequences of the populist digital crusade led by Elon Musk are already visible. Enough to sound the alarm, two years after the US presidential election.

As after the passage of a cyclone, it will be necessary to assess the damage. Since completing the purchase of Twitter on October 27, Elon Musk has been testing the resistance of his new $44 billion toy. Having dismissed half of the seven thousand five hundred employees of the social network and disgusted a few hundred others who preferred to quit, the richest man on the planet has a free hand to play the god of freedom of speech. He immediately institutionalized on-sight piloting, and imposed a new, extremely tough corporate culture on his teams (“extreme hardcore” in VO), with wild demands and short nights.

Manu Cornet, a 41-year-old engineer, experienced this takeover from the inside. After fifteen years at Google, which he left for ethical reasons, this Frenchman arrived at Twitter in mid-2021, a few months after the controversial and much talked about expulsion of Donald Trump. “I was interrupted on the 1steh November, one hour and four minutes after emailing a small tool that allowed employees to protect their documents in the event of layoffs,” he says without bitterness. No explanation was given to him, and he has since documented the fate of his former home in cartoons. In one, a grinning Musk is surrounded by four ticking time bombs. “There were a hundred and fifty of us in my team. That must remain between 5 and 10% of the workforce, and most have stayed behind for visa issues. »

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