Iran urges US to abandon Trump’s ‘maximum pressure’ policy

Iran’s prime minister on Thursday called on Joe Biden’s administration to lift economic sanctions against his country and abandon the policy of “maximum pressureof his predecessor Donald Trump, in order to revive the chances of an Iranian nuclear agreement.

The most important thing is that economic sanctions must be lifted in an effective waysaid Hossein Amir-Abdollahian during a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “Most important is the withdrawal of the maximum pressure policy of the Trump era.» «You must prove to us that you are different from President Trump.“, he insisted.

The JCPOA (acronym for the 2015 agreement), which provides for drastic restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of international sanctions, has been moribund since the unilateral withdrawal in 2018 of the United States under President Donald Trump.

The election of Joe Biden to the White House has revived efforts to revive him, but negotiations have been stalled for two months even though a draft text seemed within reach of signature.

Chances of successful negotiations are lower than chances of failure“, estimated Wednesday the American negotiator Rob Malley, invoking “Iran’s excessive demands to which we will not yield“.


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