Here is the (green) solution to always succeed in closing your burritos

Closing your burritos is always an ordeal, to the point that the biggest American universities have looked into the subject.

The problem is simple and known to everyone: when you eat a burrito (or other sandwiches with open ends) you tend to drop your food, because on this point gravity does not forgive, and with each bite, the food leave the bread that covers them one by one. Faced with this great problem of humanity, students in engineering school have tried to find a solution.

They had the idea of ​​inventing an entirely edible adhesive tape that could hold the burrito in place, even when you bite into it. It is within the very famous John Hopkins University that four students racked their brains to find a solution to the famous problem of burritos.

Burritos: they will never empty again

If the nori seaweed sheet already maintains the maki, the students did not start from this solution already present in nature to produce their prototype. Indeed, they instead used fibers from organic ingredients as well as additives to produce a small sheet, blue in color.

It is finally by wetting the edible sheet that the latter then becomes adhesive. Because mentalities will have to change. As ecology takes a place in the public debate, the paper is more and more sidelined. The latter is more and more expensive, and according to experts, it will become a rare commodity in the coming years, especially food paper, which is difficult to recycle and increasingly frowned upon by society and public opinion. , fighting against itself to reduce its waste.

Food waste: one of the problems of the century

By proposing a kind of edible paper, the four students of the American University John Hopkins initially made it possible to close a burrito, a laudable objective, but which serves more to demonstrate the reliability of their project, rather than to change the world ? If the manufacturers of burritos, tacos and other sandwiches should quickly turn to a solution of this kind, the latter could also affect everyone in the food industry, becoming a biodegradable and edible packaging solution.

If for the moment marketing is not in the projects of the four students at the origin of this “Tastee Tape”, as it has been called, this adhesive tape could have a good time ahead of it in the coming years.

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