her diagnosis leaves her speechless

Bothered by her dog’s farts

Worried about her dog who had a lot of flatulence, a woman decided to take him to the vet. What she discovered was a real shock.

It is obvious, the farts emitted by our animals are not necessarily very pleasant on a daily basis, especially if they become too present. So for a pregnant woman, who has a tenfold sense of smell, it’s even worse.

On Reddit, an anonymous woman shared her recent affair with her dog. She explains that during a dinner, the smell became completely unbearable for her, so much so that she had to leave the table before the end of the meal. Seeing her husband disturbed by the smell, she immediately understood that the culprit was Jerry, their dog.

Nothing covers the smell

Seeing that her dog’s gases are increasing and difficult to bear, the woman buys scented candles and incense, but this is not enough. Worried about Jerry’s health, she decides to take him to the vet to whom she explains the whole situation. The latter recommends a change in diet.

Unfortunately, this will not have enough effect. More worried than ever, the woman decides to have her dog undergo other, quite expensive tests. But the results are clear: Jerry is doing perfectly well and does not suffer from any pathology.

It was then that the woman began to sink into depression, worried about her dog.

Husband confesses everything

Finally, the husband decided to admit everything: it is he who has flatulence. He simply accused the dog so as not to be ashamed. Furious, his wife then throws him out with the support of his stepmother. She then demands that he go see a doctor and pay the veterinary bills. He was then able to return home.

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