Headline: “What About” US-Rwanda Relations?

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Geopolitics: The End of a Cycle? Questions on the cover of the weekly magazine The maximum. The newspaper compares what is happening to Kagame to what happened to Mobutu. “The American handyman in the sub-region, explains The maximum, had ended up being dropped and thrown away as used tissue in 1997 in favor of the AFDL rebellion, supported by the Rwandan-Ugandan coalition. “ After Mobutucontinues the colleague, it is the new strongman in Kigali, Paul Kagame, who assumed this role “. Other times, other manners. Washington now seems to be changing its approach and increasingly reducing the ruthless Rwandan’s leeway. Like his predecessor Mobutu, in his time we can still read into The maximumthe Rwandan head of state seems less and less in the odor of sanctity among American mentors…

Who wants peace…”

It is the editorial staff of the daily newspaper Forum of aces. ” Far from being an oxymoronwrites the editors, preparing for war is the best way to wish for peace. Developed by the Chinese Sun Tzu, the herald of the art of war, this treatise is not aged in the slightest. Better, its operational effectiveness has never been denied, notes colleague José Nawej. ” Confronted with the 2022 side of the Eternal Offensive War, he notes, Would Felix Antoine Tshisekedi have made this ABC of the art of war his own? Very possible. ” At least everything about his trip to the Kitona Military Training Center on Thursday suggests so continues the editors, who see this approach as a step in the right direction. At least 1,200 recruits have gathered in this center, who, like thousands of others, responded to President Félix Antoine Tshisekedi’s call for general mobilization.

Catholics move in the streets at the request of the clergy

It is for three-weekly AfricaNews which title: The Church Says No to Balkanization. According to this newspaper, the entire DRC is against the project of balkanization of the country, the Rwandan aggression via M23 and the repeated killings in the East for almost three decades. According to this newspaper, millions of citizens responded to CENCO’s appeal on Sunday, December 4. [La Conférence épiscopale nationale du Congo, NDLR] by storming the streets and other public places to forcefully say ” No to the balkanization of the DRC! » For them, writes AfricaNews, the country’s territorial integrity is not negotiable. And it is in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are suffering and in the patriotic spirit of preserving territorial integrity and national sovereignty that we have made this march where we have called on the national and international community to witness, the President declared for CENCO, Monsignor Marcel Utembi, reports AfricaNews.

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