Guns the leading cause of death among young Americans

The results of a 2020 study in the United States show that weapons have become the number one cause of death among young Americans.

According to this study, 4,638 children and teenagers died by a firearm over a year, a rate of 5.4 per 100,000 people. A growing figure which continues to alert on a problem which does not find a solution, like this new massacre in a school of Uvalde, in Texas, which made 19 dead. A disaster that has put the debate on the carrying of weapons more than ever at the center of the discussion within the country. Joe Biden has explained that he wants to stand up to the firearms lobby, but this right to carry a weapon engages the very essence of individual freedom as it is conceived in the United States.

more deaths than road accidents

By comparison, 4,036 deaths are linked to road accidents in the United States, or 332 deaths less than homicides by firearms. While road traffic conditions are improving in the country, making it possible to regularly reduce this rate on the roads, the damage by weapons is on the increase.

African Americans suffer the most from this type of violence. They are four times more likely to die by firearm than the white community.

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