Found thanks to the police dog

The alert was given to the gendarmes by the brother of a 34-year-old woman residing in Saint-Haon. She had disappeared from her home. Several antecedents made it possible to judge the worrying disappearance, as soon as the report was given. Initial investigations were carried out in the area of ​​the Naussac dam (Lozère) where his mobile phone had stopped. Not discovering the vehicle of the thirties, the local gendarmes had lifted their device the same evening.
The investigation was relaunched early the next morning. The brother had just found his sister’s car in a wood in Rauret where she used to walk. The track and defense dog of the Surveillance and Intervention Platoon (Psig) of the Le Puy company was sent to the scene. His flair made it possible to find the missing, at the end of the morning. She was lying near a stump, in a state of hypothermia. The Samu came to medicalize her on site before she was transferred, by helicopter, to the Gabriel-Montpied hospital in Clermont-Ferrand
. She is now safe and sound.

The victim’s family contacted L’Éveil to thank the people who got involved in this research.

Celine Demars

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