Fougères: a dog saved from her hell by the Refuge and the firefighters

The poor dog is skin and bones. ©The animal friends shelter

Another mistreated animal saved from almost certain death.

Friday, May 20, Ramzy Kraiemresponsible for Refuge for animal friends in Fougères-Romagné and the animal unit of the Fougères fire brigadestepped in to retrieve a husky dog.

“He lacks 15 to 20 kilos”

Ramzy Kraiem and the firefighters were able to save the animal. ©The animal friends shelter

Abandoned to its sad fate in a closed courtyard, without water or food, the poor animal, extremely weakened, lived in its excrement.

“He’s a featherweight. When we picked her up, we thought we were carrying a cat. He is missing 15 to 20 kilos. I don’t know how she managed to get out of it.

Ramzy Kraiem

Alerted by a report earlier this week, he went there to see. “I slipped her a bowl of water, she rushed over it”.

Convinced that the animal is in vital need of help, he starts an investigation to try to find its owner. A mandatory procedure before any action.

In vain. “I went every day, I stayed there for hours. The shutters of the house constantly remained closed, the occupant never answered my calls. Some residents told me they had never met him. »

Ramzy Kraiem deduces that he left the scene by abandoning his dog. He then obtains the approval of the police, the owner of the rental and the real estate agency in charge of the condominium to enter the collective courtyard and take the husky “We got her out of hell”.

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Need to report, anonymity guaranteed

The Refuge will file a complaint for abuse. ©The animal friends shelter

The dog is now in a safe place. The Refuge team is taking care of her, feeding her and rehydrating her.

On Tuesday, a veterinarian will come to check on his state of health. The same day, Ramzy Kraiem will go to the Fougères police station. He will file a complaint for animal abuse.

“Very touched” by what he saw, the young man broadcast a call on social networks and via the Facebook page Fougères and me. He reiterates it via the Chronicle.

“The various facts concerning animal abuse are numerous. We need reports to be able to act. You are not alone. We are there to act when you witness a scene and you will always be protected by anonymity. But please don’t let the doubt of abuse pass you by even once…”

Ramzy Kraiem

Contact for the Refuge’s investigation department: [email protected] or 02 99 98 89 67. Animal Friends Refuge, place called 24 Bonne Fontaine in Romagné.

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