Foot OL – OL: Aulas is in the United States, imminent announcement in Lyon – Olympique Lyonnais

The shareholding will change within OL Groupe and to finalize the arrival of a new investor, Jean-Michel Aulas has decided to move to the United States. Olympique Lyonnais is close to a revolution.

A few months ago, and without warning Jean-Michel Aulas, Pathé, run by the Seydoux family, and the Chinese group IDG Capital, took the initiative of asking the Raine bank to find buyers for the 39% they hold in OL Groupe. Even if the president of Olympique Lyonnais admitted to having been surprised by this choice, he quickly understood that it could allow his club to reach a new level. Since then, the American company in charge of finding “customers” has worked hard, and four investors would now be ready to buy this 39% stake in OL and have the ability to do so without delay. On Friday, the sports daily revealed that among these four candidates, there is John Textor, an American businessman who has already invested in Crystal Palace, Botafogo and…Molenbeek, and whose name has also circulated on the side of AS Saint Etienne. But he is not the only American citizen to want to bet on the seven-time French Ligue 1 champion and that is why Jean-Michel Aulas took the plane to cross the Atlantic.

Aulas in New York, OL Groupe at a turning point in history

Rather than being at Roland-Garros or at the Stade de France for the Champions League final, the president of Olympique Lyonnais is indeed currently in New York. Goal this trip by Jean-Michel Aulas to the United States, have concrete and direct meetings with the candidates for the acquisition of the shares of Pathé and IDG Capital of OL Groupe. It was also from Big Apple that he sent a video of support for the LOU rugby club on Friday, winner of the European Challenge… at the Vélodrome. As Le Progrès points out, things should speed up in the wake of these meetings in the USA. And even if questioned on this subject by the regional daily, OL did not want to comment or even confirm that the announcement is imminent. However, this is clearly the case, the boss of Olympique Lyonnais notably wanting to finalize the choice of the future coach, Aulas being in favor of Peter Bosz remaining in his post. A choice that he wants to finalize with the new shareholder, and that he wants to quickly announce to the Dutch technician. Lyon supporters should have their questions answered quickly.

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