Essone. From €700, his energy bill rises to more than €17,500, his restaurant threatened with bankruptcy

The manager of a brewery in Villebon-sur-Yvette (Essonne) discovered that his energy bill had increased by 2,350 between November and December 2022. While he had paid €718 on November 20, his energy supplier asked him for €17,574 following month. An explosion of costs that endangers its activity, reports The Parisian . Energy costs have skyrocketed in particular due to the war in Ukraine.

The situation has its origin in the automatic renewal of his contract, which is now in line with a new increased net. “This renewal offer was established in accordance with the prices observed in the markets and our own delivery costs., TotalEnergies assured our colleagues. The company says it sent an email to its client two months before the end of his contract to inform him of this renewal.

A “trapped” restaurateur

The restaurateur, deprived of a tariff shield, has few solutions. He cannot terminate his contract due to payment of fees and the other suppliers will also offer him a largely inflated invoice, explains The Parisian.

His restaurant, although currently closed, consumes “€400 a dayto supply the cold rooms that contain the food. “Is it better that I go into debt by opening, or that I stop and lose money”, the manager wondered. He hopes that the arrival of the “electricity shock absorber, which would reduce his bill by 15 to 20, will save him from bankruptcy.

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