Eric Zemmour: “Pap Ndiaye confuses the history of the United States with the history of France”

Eric Zemmour, president of Reconquête and candidate for the legislative elections, returned to CNEWS on the appointment of Pap Ndiaye as Minister of National Education.

“He is wrong”. While the arrival of Pap Ndiaye at the Ministry of National Education sparked some controversy, Eric Zemmour returned to his disagreements with the historian.

He “confuses the history of the United States, American segregation and American racism with the history of France, and he is wrong,” insists Eric Zemmour.

“We have a whole trend today coming from the United States, the famous Woke trend, the American indigenists who have become French indigenists and who want to deconstruct the history of France by explaining that it is only the history of white privilege, of the domination of whites, men and heterosexuals over others”, specifies the legislative candidate.

But Eric Zemmour is sure, “people like Mr. Pap Ndiaye have already had power for years”. “And there, simply, Emmanuel Macron drops the mask.”

Indeed, since his appointment to the Ministry of National Education, the historian Pap Ndiaye has come under fire from criticism from the conservative right, from Marine Le Pen to Eric Zemmour. Both accuse him of wanting to “deconstruct” France.

“Emmanuel Macron said that the history of France had to be deconstructed. Pap Ndiaye will take care of it”, reacted Éric Zemmour on Twitter shortly after the announcement of the arrival at the ministry of the historian

Adding on CNEWS that Pap Ndiaye “has participated in meetings prohibited to whites, he is a real indigenous intellectual, a real woke”. “It’s the whole history of France that will be revisited in the light of indigenism, woke ideology and Islamo-leftism.”

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