Elon Musk vs Apple: the conflict explained

Elon Musk vs Apple is a long standing dispute. Only there are details that deserve more attention to fully understand the reasons.

Tesla is best known for its sustainable energy-oriented electric cars. Apple, on the other hand, is a company that has always excelled in communication technology, but wants to enter the electric car market. Both are aimed at remain a leader in its field. The expansion of their sector of activity seems a bit eccentric and fuels the conflicts between the two entities. But what really lies beneath this tension? How is it expressed?

Admiration rather than hate?

We always hear Elon Musk swing inappropriate talk about Apple. Recently, it introduced new prices for Twitter blue depending on the path through which the user accesses the application. Which means a new way to banish the system iOS.

Behind his various features, however, Elon Musk works rather to feel admiration. Tesla’s CEO has a great admiration for the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs. Who knows, maybe that’s why he started working with his biographer, Walter Isaacson.

In addition, Musk plans to stay CEO of the Apple-Tesla combination. In fact, Apple aims to produce electric cars. Investments are already high, so we hope to see Apple cars in circulation soon. That said, Tim Cook, Apple’s current CEO, made him understand his reluctance, even his disgust for it.

How does the Elon Musk vs Apple conflict manifest itself?

Recently, Musk imposed a discriminatory pricing by Twitter Blue at the expense of Apple device users. Actually one increase of 37.5 per cent applies to anyone who accesses Twitter through the App Store.

If web and Android users pay only $8 to use the Twitter Blue subscription service, iOS users must pay $3 extra. This pricing has already started on December 12, 2022.

At first glance, we believe that Elon Musk is acting in this way to indirectly punish Apple. But looking at it from another angle, there is a bit of a hint of the Elon Musk vs Apple feud 30% secret tax on in-app purchases.

Elon Musk vs Apple: A History of Competition?

Elon Musk vs Apple discord is also a question of competitive origin. Both companies have chosen their headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area. They manifest a similar needs mechanical engineers and other qualified technicians. It already expresses a struggle to get the best talent.

In fact, we must not forget that Apple has also invested in the automotive industry, especially in the production of electric cars. Today we expect apple car come out, but imagine the competition with Tesla if these self-driving vehicles come to market.

More so, the majority of former Tesla employees migrated to Apple. Musk, for his part, is encouraging his outraged employees to join Apple’s professional community. In 2018 alone, Apple hired dozens of former Tesla employees some of whom were fired and others who resigned.

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