Elon Musk announces he is stepping down as Twitter CEO – I24NEWS

“I will step down as CEO as soon as I find someone crazy enough to take the job” (Elon Musk)

After delaying the follow-up he intended to give to the poll he initiated, Elon Musk finally announced on Tuesday that he would step down as head of Twitter as soon as he “found someone crazy enough to succeed him After weeks of tension over the future of the social network since its takeover, Elon Musk asked Twitter users on Monday whether he should step down as the platform’s leader.

Elon Musk is used to this kind of practice, which he has already used on several occasions, especially regarding the reactivation of Donald Trump’s account as well as other suspended users. He had promised each time to respect the results of the opinion polls, which most of the time went in his direction. But this time, 57% of the roughly 17 million platform users who voted said they were in favor of his departure.

Returning to the United States on Monday after attending the World Cup finals in Doha, Qatar, Elon Musk initially remained silent before suggesting the vote result was the result of a plot and then an army of bots that had distorted the result . On Tuesday morning, he had retweeted the results of a poll conducted by the HarrisX Institute, which gave 61% of respondents in favor of him being the head of Twitter.

“Interesting, this seems to indicate that we have a small problem with bots on Twitter” responded the owner of the platform in response to the institute’s tweet presenting the results, and seems to plan to remain at the forefront of the social network . He also decided that all new polls would be limited to paying Twitter users.

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