Elon Musk: an American would have to work more than 3 million years to amass his fortune

Last September, Elon Musk once again became the richest man in the world. Even though the figures diverge, and the billionaire had lost a fortune in November, he still ranked at the top of the ranking of Forbes. A fortune that allowed him, in particular, to buy Twitter on Monday April 25. According to the magazine’s official ranking, Elon Musk is at the head of a jackpot of 219 billion dollars. He is ahead of Jeff Bezos (171 billion) and the Frenchman Bernard Arnault (158 billion). Enough to conduct all possible comparisons, as did Statistics.

With this in mind, based on the salaries studied by the OECD, our colleagues wondered how long a resident of the country of the billionaire should work to be as rich as him. In this little game, the figures concerning Elon Musk are quite staggering. An American will have to work 3.1 million years to get his salary, if we consider that he earns 69,392 dollars a year. It is roughly the same comparison established with Bernard Arnault for a Frenchman, who should work 3.5 million years with an average salary of around 40,000 euros, decrypts Statista. And it could be worse if we refer to the median net salary, unfortunately not available for all countries. But if INSEE speaks of 22,000 euros in France, the calculation is simple: it would take 7 million years to reach the boss of LVMH.

The numbers are exploding in India

The numbers are a bit less impressive (although) if you compare the number of years a German would have to work (900,000 years) to join Lidl boss Dieter Schwarz. It would take 1.2 million years for a Canadian to amass the fortune of Changpeng Zhao (Binance) and 1.6 million to compete with Amancio Ortega (Inditex-Zara) in Spain. On the other hand, the figures soar elsewhere. It would take 5 million years for a Mexican to reach the fortune of Carlos Slim (Grupo Carso, America Movil, Telmex), 15.3 million for a Chinese to have the money of Zhong Shanshan (Nongfu Spring).

And the numbers are exploding in India: it takes an Indian more than 17.4 million years to be as rich as Mukesh Ambani (businessman who runs Reliance Industries). The average salary of 5,000 dollars in the country plays a big role. Comparisons, of course, which are made for informational purposes only and which should not scare billionaires, who have increased their fortunes much more during the period of Covid-19 than in a decade. In France, Bernard Arnault is in the lead, ahead of Axel Dumas (Hermès), Françoise Bettencourt Meyers (L’Oréal), Alain and Gérard Wertheimer (Hermès) and the Mulliez family.

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