Controversy: the Geneva Greens ban meat


Environmentalists will no longer be allowed to eat meat when representing their party. But the decision strongly divides.

Divided on the question of meat, Geneva ecologists will take up the question again on June 11.

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Geneva ecologists have decided to completely ban themselves from eating meat when they represent their party. But this radical decision strongly divides the party and is controversial. Barely voted, it is already called into question.

The Greens of Geneva adopted the new amendment on Saturday during their congress. “I undertake to adopt a minimum vegetarian diet during plenary meetings, working sessions, official meals or any other event where I will be required to go as a deputy or councilor of State”, says the text , relates “Le Temps” It should be noted that this ban will come into force next year.

This last-minute amendment was however accepted by a narrow majority, and with a large abstention: 53 yes, 45 no, 16 abstentions. And it strongly divides environmentalists.

“Sectarian drift”

On the one hand, explains the “GHI”, we find for example the deputy Sophie Desbiolles, who defends the anti-meat amendment. “The Vert-exs have chosen to act responsibly in the face of the climate emergency and the collapse of biodiversity. I am very proud to be green and thank them,” she commented.

On the other we find the resigning deputy Christian Bavarel, says “Le Temps”. “When we are able to say what we have the right to eat and drink, we are able to say how to dress, how to think. The food diktat reflects a sectarian drift,” he complained.

Faced with this division, the party decided to proceed to a new vote on the subject during its general assembly on June 11. On a text that should be less radical and restrictive. It should also be noted that Geneva ecologists have also come out in favor of a similar ban on alcohol. But they flatly rejected it.

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