Cannes 2022: Patron, the little mine clearance dog who became a national hero in Ukraine rewarded at the Palm Dog

A well-known poodle and Jack Russell. This Friday, May 27, the traditional Palm Dog was awarded to the dog that provided the best canine performance on the screens of the Festival.

It is Brit, a silver poodle from the film “War Pony”, (Un certain regard), directed by Riley Keough (the granddaughter of Elvis Presley) and Gina Gammell who wins the prize for best canine role.

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A special prize was also awarded to Patron, a Jack Russell who detects anti-personnel mines in Ukraine, already praised by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Created in 2001 by British critic Toby Rose, the previous Palm Dog was awarded in 2021 to Tilda Swinton’s dogs and in 2019 to pittbull Brandy in Quentin Tarantino’s “Once upon a time in Hollywood”.

“Honestly, the Palm Dog is the prize to get at Cannes…I’ve been eyeing this prize for many years!”said the British actress last year, accepting the time of the photo to wear around her own neck the 2021 trophies for them: magnificent dog collars, in studded red leather, with the arms of the Palm Dog.

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