CACL warns dog owners

For several weeks now, a press and poster campaign by the Agglomeration Community of the Center Littoral has been warning against the wandering of dogs, especially during the egg-laying period of sea turtles.

Every year on the island of Cayenne, stray dogs attack leatherback turtles and their nests. These dogs can also be vectors of dangerous diseases for humans.

The CACL warns owners

Stray dogs are picked up by the pound and brought to the Emerald Forest Kennel in Roura.

The animal is considered abandoned after 8 days if it cannot be identified, and if it is not claimed. In this case, the pound becomes the owner.

The dog is then taken care of by the shelter, then it will be offered for adoption or handed over to an animal protection association. As a last resort, the animal is euthanized.

Unvaccinated stray dogs are major vectors of disease –

The owner of a wandering dog risks a fine ranging from 35 to 750 euros. The owner of a dog that has attacked a sea turtle, or a nest, risks a fine of 150,000 eurosand three years imprisonment.

More information to follow on France-Guyana.


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