Buitoni pizza scandal: seven new complaints filed

published on Friday, May 27, 2022 at 09:36

Seven families will file a complaint against the Buitoni frozen food brand on Friday May 27, report RTL and BFMTV. Pizzas contaminated with E.coli bacteria have caused the death of two children and caused numerous cases of kidney failure.

The lawyer for the families of the victims of the Buitoni scandal, Me Legrand, will file seven new complaints against the frozen food brand, Friday, May 27, at the Paris court, report RTL and BFMTV.

As a reminder, two children died while eating pizza contaminated with E. coli bacteria. Buitoni was already the subject of fifteen complaints.

“We go from a normal life to a life in hospitals”

“It unfortunately turned their daily lives upside down. There is always permanent medical monitoring”explained lawyer Richard Legrand, Thursday, May 26, at the microphone of RTL. “We go from a normal life to a life in hospitals, it’s still dramatic, especially for children but also for adults who have to review their professional careers”, he regretted. The plaintiffs are families whose children were poisoned by eating frozen brand pizzas.

“There is a lot of damage. I am waiting for all the light to be shed on this case and for the perpetrators to be tried and sentenced in the long term”, added Me Legrand, who hopes to obtain compensation for his clients. A judicial inquiry has been open since May 12.

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