“banning ritual slaughter would worsen animal welfare”

Should the stunning of animals before their slaughter be imposed in Brussels, as in Flanders and Wallonia? For Youssef Handichi, doing so will border on the separation between state and religion. “This work that we are doing today, to receive field experts, scientific experts, representatives of religions, we should have done it well in advance in order to be able to propose a text that could have been adopted” , he says to BX1.

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For their part, representatives of the Jewish and Muslim communities indicated that they felt that they were targeted by politicians because of their religious beliefs insofar as other forms of killing for food purposes were not affected by the same concerns in Belgium.

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“It is not for politicians to determine what is halal and kosher, but for cultural representatives. A representative of the Jewish community reminded us that the rule is stunningly. Today, this proposal for an ordinance removes this exception, debated and accepted in 1974. Since then, scientifically, there is nothing new in relation to animal welfare” underlines the Brussels deputy.

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According to religious representatives, the ban on ritual slaughter will lead to a decline in animal welfare, given the longer transport times to slaughterhouses abroad. For the MP, “this proposed ordinance will even worsen the animal welfare situation because today, we have on our soil in Brussels territory a slaughterhouse under control. There are social inspectors who can go to this slaughterhouse, there are cameras, it is filmed so there is direct control. If this ordinance were to be adopted, we will then export our animals to Poland where we have no control over animal welfare and working conditions”.

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