Bacon: here is finally the best way to cook them to make them beneficial for your health!

If we listened to each other, we’d eat bacon for every meal. To prepare them without taking any risk, we also follow our recommendations!

Bacon for Dummies

When we shop in the supermarket, how do we not melt in front of a promotion on bacon bits? This family of ingredients can actually be eaten both hot and cold. Inside a mixed salad, a gratin or a quiche Lorraine, they work wonders. Besides, we tend to only watch them and enjoy them to the last crumb! Therefore, both children and adults love it. Unfortunately, we often do not have the technique to cook them effectively. We have the annoying habit of adding a dose of fat when it really isn’t worth it. Fortunately, Object always have the right tip when needed! We have already shown it to you for potatoes, everything is a matter of organization! Follow the guide!

When you want to lose weight but eat everything, you tend to rely on the nutrition sheet. But in the case of bacon, calories aren’t the only issue. In fact, when overcooked, they dry out and change their flavor. Instead of being crisp, they become hard like coal or even pieces of wood. Imagine the consequences of your recipe. This is a disaster because it can really damage your reputation! It is difficult to digest them. Also, we mentally reject them from our habits for a while! It is therefore, Object summoned its food specialists. The verdict is final. At this point, you can do without the pan and even your oven! How is it possible ?

Love this technique

Since its appearance in homes, the microwave oven has changed the lives of budding chefs. Remember, this is the first device you buy when you move or live alone for the first time. However, it often has a bad reputation. Of course, we don’t have to eat frozen meals all year round. But to help, he can really get things moving in the right direction. In short, you have understood that this cooker is the best compromise for bacon bits. It’s not just fast. But in addition, it helps to remove some fat! Crazy, isn’t it? How about implementing it right away?

Primarily, Object suggests placing a paper towel on a plate. Then take some time to arrange the bacon evenly. To give you an idea of ​​what it should look like, make sure they don’t mix! Then we set the power to about 750 watts for just under two minutes. A little patience, I promise, the magic happens. When they are hot, you can put them directly into your recipe of the day. And if you try this method for your next picnic! This savory cake that your darling loves so much. She will even take another part! So will you spread this tip around or will you keep it as a treasure? Who will have the last word?

This second solution works wonders!

If you have the right stove, we also suggest that you cook them in a suitable container. As a reminder, if you have induction, check if it works with a magnet. Once it’s validated, we jump into the water. So we want to make delicious pasta carbonara, we need another pan. Because of the water, we certainly don’t hide that the bacon pieces will lose a bit of their sparkling side. But it’s not so bad, because they become more digestible in the diet! More than ever, Objeko believes that these kinds of techniques can really save a meal. Beginners and cooking experts alike will win in efficiency and profitability! We wish you a good appetite and do not hesitate to leave us your recipes in the comments to this article. If you enjoyed these two culinary maneuvers, let us know the reaction of those around you. Next issue for other fun and practical techniques!

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