An abandoned dog tied to a tree, its owner identified

Youky, a 10-year-old dog, was found in the forest of Maromme (Seine-Maritime), on Thursday. Tied to a tree, the animal had been abandoned, says BFM Normandie. On the same day, the city’s mayor took to Twitter to express his “anger” and his “shame” at this act, which he described as cowardly. David Lamiray wrote that he wants to ensure that the perpetrators are punished.

A few hours later, the chosen one announced on the social network that the owner of the dog had been identified, but remained unreachable. He doesn’t live in the city. The mayor explained that he intended to send the prosecution the necessary elements for a trial.

The dog’s former owner has come forward to say he sold the animal, reports say Paris Normandy. It is his details that were recorded in the dog’s chip and had not been changed since the transaction a year and a half ago. When the SPA retreat was full, the man took Youky in charge while he waited for this affair to follow up.

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