According to a study: Why should you stop buying pugs?


The study has been causing a stir in the UK for a week: experts are calling for people to stop buying pugs, a breed facing “a life of suffering”.

Very popular, these dogs with a friendly temperament have serious health problems.


Their wide, bewildered eyes and chubby little folds would melt any dog ​​lover: the pug has become a mascot for many of them. In the United Kingdom, between 2005 and 2017, their registrations with the Kennel Club – the largest canine organization in the country – increased fivefold. A bad thing according to a study by the Royal Veterinary College published last week.


Companion animal epidemiology lecturer Dr Dan O’Neill, who has studied over 16,000 pugs in Britain, has ‘listed essential bodily functions that every dog ​​should be able to perform throughout its life. life and these are very basic,” like blinking or sleeping without having to wake up to breathe. “Pugs just don’t have these basic functions.”


This breed is indeed 50 times more exposed to brachycephalic respiratory obstructive syndrome – a respiratory disease – than the others. Out of 40 common health problems in dogs, the breed has an increased risk for 23 of them, including a 13 times higher risk of eye ulcers or an 11 times higher risk of skin fold dermatitis. Pugs are also more frequently obese.


“Now is the time that we focus on the health of the dog rather than the whims of the owner when choosing the type of dog to own,” the expert told the BBC. “They are inflicting a lifetime of suffering on them.”


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