A rooster chef (in the fields) analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of Liège gastronomy

Like others, his restaurant now closes every Saturday and Sunday. A calculated risk of not keeping his star in the Michelin guide, a star which has rewarded him for almost twenty years, and which he keeps again this year; Christophe Pauly takes a lucid look at the world of haute cuisine: “It’s not Michelin that pays my bills; Michelin helps me pay my bills, of course, but I have thirty covers, and when it’s full, it’s full: I don’t try to please everyone the world, but that the people who love me really love me”.

This philosophy leads him to give “Liège en Prime” an uncompromising analysis of the state of Liège gastronomy. The city center of the ardent city, with Toma! finally found a table worth the stopover, but that shouldn’t delude you. The region lacks economic potential: “We are not in Knokke…” And to point out, without blaming anyone, any shortcomings in the training provided by hotel schools. Without evading the political debate: on the Flemish side, real support is given to “epicurean tourism”, which constitutes a lever for the development of a sector of talented and dynamic chefs. A desire that has no equivalent in the Walloon region…

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