A child leaves a message on the “addition” of the restaurant while his dad is in the WC…

It is known to everyone that childhood is a time of happiness and carelessness. In a world filled with adults stressed and nervous about work, rent and bills, the innocence of a little being who marvels at everything he sees is a real breath of fresh air. Unafraid to speak their mind, except perhaps when there is punishment, children can often surprise us, for good or ill. And for this Scottish family man, the little message his toddler left about their bill, while cute, certainly embarrassed him.

One hell of a little prankster

The facts took place in the Woodland Creatures which is located in the city of Leith, Scotland. Accompanied by his 4-year-old son, a man came to eat in the restaurant. At some point, he went to the toilet, leaving the little boy alone, who obviously has a lot of humor.

For good reason, taking advantage of his father’s absence, he thought it was good to write a little note on their bill. Indeed, one of the employees of the establishment noticed on the receipt some scribbled words which read as follows: “Dad is at work”. Seeing the note, many would probably have thought that it was child abandonment.

Fortunately, it was not. Now, we can put ourselves in the father’s shoes and imagine his uneasiness on discovering his son’s stupidity. Amused by the kid’s little prank, the Woodland Creatures employee took a photo of the note in question and shared it on social media.

Of course, this story caused a lot of buzz as evidenced by the many reactions of Internet users, but also the enthusiasm of the British media.

A very satisfied customer

If this story has made the news, there are several that prove that children are unfiltered and can be very spontaneous. This is particularly the case of a little girl called Georgie who also had a good time at the restaurant.

Indeed, at the end of her delicious meal at the Castillo in Yeovil, United Kingdom, the 5-year-old girl at the time of the events, did not hesitate to leave a short message for the restaurant staff. On a tablecloth, she thanked “the adorable” waitresses and waiters for giving her their delicious food and more specifically “her” spaghetti which she obviously loved. Adding that they are very nice and definitely deserve a 5 star rating from her.

Source: Objeko

Also in her message, she also thanked them for giving her lollipops and indicated where her mom left the tip. It goes without saying that Georgie’s little note deeply moved the employees of the Castillo.

In any case, whether for the Woodland Creatures or the Castillo, the gesture of his two wonderful children was a nice publicity stunt. Indeed, after these stories were shared on the web, the two restaurants saw their reservations skyrocket.

Which is unexpected given the repercussions of the health crisis on this profession. In France, for example, for months, restaurants had to close their doors; which obviously caused enormous budgetary losses. Unfortunately, because of the bankruptcy, many have been forced to abandon their activity permanently. Which is not the case for a Mulhouse restaurateur, touched by a letter of apology from a client.

A beautiful story of tolerance

The restaurateur in question is called Guney Cokkaya. One day, the latter receives an anonymous letter in his establishment, the Blosphore, very famous in the city of Mulhouse. Opening the letter, he finds a 50 euro note accompanied by the following note:

“I had just come out of a divorce, the situation was desperate and I left without paying. I remembered this story recently, I hope you will forgive me for it. »

In fact, it is about a woman who, 10 years ago, came to eat with her 4 children in the restaurant. A belated apology that Guney Cokkaya, very moved, accepted. Moreover, the man recalled that you should never judge people too quickly. Here is a beautiful lesson in tolerance which gives us faith in humanity.

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