A charity mob roadtrip in the United States

6,700 km from New York to Los Angeles in a Peugeot 103

Raising funds for hemophilia research

Going on a motorcycle road trip is often an opportunity to give yourself a breath of freedom and set off to discover new horizons. But it can also be an opportunity to do a good deed.

This is the case of the project Hemobunis led by a blended family from Haute-Savoie who intends to cross the United States from East to West to raise funds for hemophilia research. Philippe and Laure indeed intend to set off from New York and travel no less than 6,700 kilometers on the handlebars of their Peugeot 103 (limited to 40 km/h) to reach Los Angeles.

Their son was indeed diagnosed with severe haemophilia A at the age of 5. Faced with the seriousness of this disease which requires two to three intravenous injections each week, the man and his partner have decided to invest in raising awareness of bleeding diseases and helping research.

In 2018, the couple organized their first project by walking from the headquarters of the Association Française des Hémophiles, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, to their home in Les Carroz d’Arâches. 22 days and 600 km later, they managed to raise 25,000 euros for the haemophilia research fund.

For their new project Hemobunis (acronym for Hemophilia, Mobylettes and United States), the couple is currently looking for financial partners to cover the expenses of the roadtrip as well as donors to support the research. A kitty has been set up. It is also possible to follow the progress of the project from the Hemobunis Facebook page.

A charity mob roadtrip in the United States
A charity mob roadtrip in the United States

About hemophilia

Hemophilia is a genetic disease characterized by spontaneous or prolonged bleeding due to a deficiency in coagulation factor VIII or IX. Hemophilia A affects approximately 1 in 6,000 men.

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