World Championship. The English travel to the country with “Dave”, a stray cat that they want to adopt

The English left without a World Cup trophy in Qatar after their defeat by France in the quarter-finals (1-2) on Saturday night. But in the absence of a title, the three lions bring back a mascot in the luggage, a stray cat that had entered their base camp since the start of the World Cup. Kyle Walker and John Stones, defenders of Manchester City, are particularly fond of this animal, nicknamed “Dave the cat”.

The cat will be adopted

“The first day we arrived, Dave showed up within a minute. Every night he would come and sit and wait for his food.”said John Stones in an interview with the English FA a few days ago. “Some guys leave him, I like him”, his club and selection teammate Kyle Walker said. The latter had even announced that in the event of the world champion title, he would bring him back to England to adopt him.

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Despite the elimination of the three lions of the Blues, “Dave” will still be transferred to the country for another life. “He returns to the team”announced a woman outside the Hotel des Anglais as he was placed in a transport box to be taken to the nearby vet. “We don’t know yet who will adopt him, but he will go there. »

Now it remains to be seen who will take care of “Dave” between Kyle Walker and John Stones. Meanwhile, according to the British press, the cat must respect a quarantine period of four months after arrival due to the current health regulations.

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