With trading, reality TV stars would make young people lose money

It is a term that officially entered the Larousse dictionary in 2017. Since then, the job of influencers only talks about him, and for good reason, his main mission remains to make himself known by creating a community who can then become potential buyers. Slimming program, cosmetics, household appliances, luxury accessories, everything is good to be sold thanks to these new “teleshopping salespeople” as Afida Turner would say to ridicule them. But today no one can deny it, their presence is becoming more and more frequent in our daily lives, in particular because they often come from the Web and because we live in increasingly connected societies.

But if the agencies of Magali Berdah or even of Wesley Nakache to name a few, have invented nothing new with celebrities who are chosen by brands to attract potential customers; influencer marketing represents a colossal market and allows TV starlets like Nabilla Vergara to pocket 190,000 euros per month (CNEWS) when the biggest Youtubers in the country, such as Cyprien, would earn up to 800,000 euros per year (BFM TV). But the problem, with the repeated bad buzz, the hijacked dropshipping scams, the reputation of influencers from reality TV is starting to falter.

Promotion of trading platforms worries financial authorities

Recently, it was at the highest level of the financial authorities of the State that we learned that online speculation, another recurring specialty among these web sellers, would be very frowned upon. In question, an article from Le Parisien published in early October 2021, which directly quotes Jazz and Laurent Correia, currently victims of huge blackmail because of a sextapebecause they would make banned ads on Snapchat.

In fact, you should know that social networks are the workplaces of these influencers often from reality TV such as the Correia couple, stars of the JLC Family. And precisely, Jazz saw his Snapchat account deleted overnight, and did not understand why. It will be explained to her later that she broke, like her husband Laurent, the new rules of the platform by talking about trading.

Jazz and Laurent close to an influencer specializing in trading

If Jazz and Laurent were mentioned in this article in Le Parisien, it is because they are close to a certain @amirlzn who presents himself on Instagram as the “Number one Trader” but who would have problems because of his “membership of companies that are affected by complaints” according to the journalist who carried out the investigation of the Parisian.

This is not a first in the industry since this summer, Nabilla has already been fined 20,000 euros after having been in the sights of the Repression of fraud. At the time, the young woman followed by nearly 7 million subscribers on instagram explained that promoting a trading education service or bitcoin was framed on Snapchat.

“9 out of 10 trading app customers are losers”

According to a survey by Bondy Blog and Médiapart, the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) considers these practices dangerous. According to the French stock market policeman, many people will try their luck on these markets to end up spending and losing their money. Contacted by the Bondy Blog journalists, the director of savers at the AMF confirms this : “9 out of 10 trading app customers are losers” before continuing that these phenomena affect “people who believed in these illusory promises”. We are talking about young people who have wasted the money provided for their studies or unemployed parents who have suddenly used up their vacation budget.

In short, the problem comes mainly from a very simple fact:.

“Effortless sick income” : the slogan that makes young people lose money

If Jazz and Laurent are quoted in the press articles, other influencers have also seen their Snapchat accounts jump because of these advertisements. Another specialist in the field Marc Blata or Maeva Ghennam and Milla Jasmine would be concerned [VIDEO]. If the platforms demand more regulation in these practices, it is because the French State and the Ministry of Finance take the risks involved very seriously.

Finally, it’s like the casino and young people often from working-class neighborhoods are galvanized by this promise of easy money.

The Bondy Blog survey reveals that many young people “lost big on the advice of these influencers”. Obviously, it’s hard not to give in to their well-rehearsed discourse when following their luxury lifestyle in Dubai. But precisely, if they all do their advertising from the Emirate of Dubai, it is because these practices are considered illegal in France.


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